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Definition of Hypnosis

James Braid was a renowned British physician who lived between the years 1975 - 1860 and was the first to introduce the word "Hypnosis" (Hypnosis). Before the days of James Braid, hypnosis known as mesmerism. In addition to the term hypnosis, you may also have heard the term hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy. The location of each difference term are: Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique using hypnotic mind. Someone who can hypnotize for any purpose, called hypnotist. Meanwhile, people who are experts in the use of hypnosis to do therapy called the hypnotherapist. Someone who can be hypnotized, he could not necessarily do the right and effective hypnotherapy. So, not all of the hypnotist is hipnoterapist, but if he is classified hipnoterapist then surely it also includes a hypnotist. 

Hypnosis or Hypnosis is derived from the word "Hypnos". Hypnos is a name of the Greek god of sleep. As you know, that the hypnotic state is not the same as sleep. A person who is asleep, unaware and could not hear the voices around him. But someone is in a state of hypnosis, although the rest of his body like a sleeping person, but he could still hear clearly and respond to the information being received. 

Hypnosis has been studied in a scientific way since more than 200 years ago. Many clinical and experimental studies that try to determine what the most unique of hypnosis compared to other mental phenomena. Uniqueness is necessary to understand to formulate an accurate definition of hypnosis. But until now, the definition of hypnosis is expressed by all the characters are still different. Everyone agrees on the existence of a so-called hypnotic, but it still happens also disagreement about the definition of hypnosis. 

Below are some definitions of hypnosis that have been revealed include: 
Hypnosis is a condition resembling sleep and can be deliberately done to a person, where the person who is hypnotized can answer questions also accept suggestions with no resistance. 
Hypnosis is a technique or practice in influencing others in order to enter into a hypnotic trance. 
Hypnosis is a condition in which attention becomes very concentrated so that the level of suggestibility (power received suggestions) increased to very high. 
Hypnosis is an art of communication to influence a person that can change the level of consciousness. This was achieved by lowering the brain waves from Beta into Alpha and Theta. 
Hypnosis is an art of communication to explore a person's subconscious. 
Hypnosis is a state of consciousness increased. 
All of the above definition is correct because it signifies one or more symptoms of the hypnotic state. But what is disclosed above do not reflect what is most unique about hypnosis different from other mental conditions. Therefore, in general, people prefer to use the definition of hypnosis which is defined by the US Department of Education, Human Services Division, which says: " Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind Followed by the establishment of acceptable selective thinking" which if translated, Indonesia discussed into more or less means "Hypnosis is a critical factor of the conscious mind penetration followed by acceptance of an idea or suggestion". 

Thus Article on "Definition of Hypnosis", may be useful for you.

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